About Golden Inya

The spacious and high-class interiors of Golden Inya Cafe & Restaurant and Island are a popular destination with food connoisseurs as well as those visiting Inya Lake in Yangon.
Featuring delectable a la carte options, lavish buffets through the week into the weekend, special offers for wedding events, ladies, happy hours and private dining, the restaurant is spread across indoor and outdoor areas with spectacular views of Inya Lake.
Within the private frame of their light and glass-crafted lake house with direct access to Inya Lake Yangon and a lush, green, tropical garden they offer space to breathe, unwind and enjoy extraordinary culinary experiences combined with personalized hospitality. Our food is suitable for any religious group.
"Experience elevated dining with breathtaking views at Golden Inya Cafe & Restaurant and Island."

How we operate

Golden Inya Cafe & Restaurant is a place where style meets craftsmanship, sustainability, and the need for safe and sanitized spaces. Indulge yourself and your loved ones with some much-needed "me-time" in this picture-perfect venue that exudes luxury at every step. Contact us for customized culinary experiences that will create lasting food memories.
If you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, large group or work party, quiz night, or fundraiser and are in search of the perfect venue, look no further! Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your event is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our vision

  1. To serve freshness and the best foods to our customers through delicious, quality meals and extraordinary restaurant experience while working toward.
  2. The greater good for our employees, community and environment.

Our Mission

  1. To delight and nourish our customers with healthy, quality and delicious food with fair price, To enhance our employee’s excellence, continuous development and happiness.

“ Message to our customers”

Style meets craft, sustainability, and the need for safe and sanitized spaces at Golden Inya Café & Restaurant. Gift yourself and your loved ones some much-needed me time at this picture-perfect venue that spells luxe at every step. Call us for custom-designed culinary experiences that make for the fondest food memories. - Golden Inya Cafe & Restaurant.
We've got you covered, especially considering the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In keeping with Covid-19 prevention Commitment to Clean, we have made several enhancements to our cleaning practices throughout our property. - Golden Inya Cafe & Restaurant.
Celebrations and Group Bookings Welcome!
Celebrating a birthday or Anniversary, Large group or Works Party, Quiz Night or Fundraiser and looking for a venue? Then you’ve come to the right place: Our entire team is dedicated to making your event a unique experience.