About Venue 36 Group

Venue 36 Group of Companies is a Venture Capital Investment Holding Company that backs promising businesses with internal and external capital, works with capable professional teams, and creates value for investors. Our venture and growth equity strategy focuses on concentrating capital into
what we believe to be best-in-class, high-growth companies.

The Venue 36 network comprises local funds and regional funds. With range of sector wide professionals and VC professionals, we offer in depth local knowledge and relationship networks across the country and regions. As an integrated VC platform, Venue36 is organized to achieve
both coverage (breadth) and capability coordination (depth).

The Venue36 network of funds invests in early stage Financial Technology, Livestock Agricultural Enterprise, International Trading, Food and Beverage Services, Media and Entertainment, Mining, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications and Computing, Education, Automotive, and Transport.
Each Venue36 fund operates independently, with separate local teams that raise and manage their respective funds.

Our Businesses


A M R Co,Ltd

Livestock & Agricultural Business

Myanmar Farm
Uni Farm
First Growth Myanmar


M Clearance
M Express

Food And Beverage

Thai Express
York Cafe


M Agency
M Paravatee
M Property
M Boss


MST University
M Academy

Money Changer

M Exchange


Sea Cross
M Motor

Digital Marketing ,Events, Planning and Media Development

M Creation Zone

Health Care

M Health


Sea Brother

Energy and Natural Resources

Oriental Commerce